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That's a Wrap

end-score.jpg 470x370

end-gnp.jpg 473x358My economy stagnated in the end once I didn't need it anymore, but Bismarck did even worse, getting stuck way in the negative after eating too much territory from England.

end-power.jpg 470x370I love this one. Can you spot the point where I shut off everything else to just build infantry? lol.gif 15x15

end-culture.jpg 471x370No surprise there.

soldiers.jpg 752x465

militaryadvisor.jpg 256x414 And proof that I earn the Legionnaire win. I also like the 0/0 numbers for exports and imports: Everybody was in Mercantilism. wink.gif 15x15

22288 points.

hof.jpg 695x215

OK, a tiny map on Prince difficulty, with the only credible AI being buddy-buddy with me the whole time, doesn't pose a particularly challenging scenario for a cultural win. But I've got another reason for having done that here, which I'll reveal in due time. Stay tuned...