Final Fantasy V: Three Berserkers and a Nanny

Welcome to my report for a variant game of Final Fantasy V. Before you continue here, it would be a great idea to read through Sullla's site which has way more and better FF5 variant content than this one.

This variant began here, at the suggestion of our friend Sofis. The basic idea is to make three characters always be Berserkers, whose job trait is to be uncontrollable in battle, all they do is Fight at random. The fourth character can do anything to support them, but may not damage or kill monsters directly (except just to save time and effort in no-threat random encounters.) After a bit of discussion, we settled on these rules:

1. Choose three characters to always be Berserkers, using a code device to gain the job as soon as possible.
1a. For convenience, one of the berserkers may become a Thief just long enough to learn Find Passages and equip that ability.

2. The fourth character may not damage enemies (including by reflecting damage spells off a walled character) or inflict Stone, Dead, or Poison status on enemies, or the Berserk status on himself/herself.
2a. The fourth character may, in random fights and long as all three berserkers are in good health, use the plain Fight command to damage enemies.

3. All berserkers must enter each battle in good health (alive and with HP full or close to full).

4. The fourth character may not use the Monk or Berserker job. He or she may use any other jobs at any time after they are unlocked normally, and all abilities and items other than as listed in rule 2.

Sofis spoke as if Bartz was to be the supporting character, but I picked Faris instead. Why Faris? Lenna would fit best by personality, but she leaves the party for the entire Pyramid sequence in the third world. Galuf is also out; he only goes hooky for a short time, but trying the Puroboros fight with unsupported berserkers sounds like a recipe for PAIN. Faris vanishes for only one easy fight, the Antlion at the start of world three. That leaves Bartz and Faris as the two possible characters, and of them, Bartz seems like he should be the hotheaded berserker and Faris a bit more levelheaded. And as with Sullla's Ironcores and my own first nonvariant playthroughs, Faris often seems to just naturally become the versatile variety character.

nanny000.png - 8kb

Finally, Faris has the least inspiring sprite as a berserker. The two guys have a nice scary primal pelt thing going, and Lenna looks to have a saucy cutesy cat-girl or devil outfit, but Faris looks rather ordinary.

Three Berserkers and a Nanny