Final Fantasy V - Solo Hardcore

Final Fantasy V: Solo Hardcore

So in the wake of Sulla's Ironcore team, some discussion in the Realms Beyond thread turned to the possibility of pulling off that challenge with a solo character. One character, on his lonesome, trying to complete the game without ever dying and reloading. Once you know this game inside and out, you can achieve some amazing feats. I'd had this in the back of my mind for a while, pretty much ever since the Brave Bards trounced Neo Exdeath. Could this really be on the edge of possibility?


I named our hero Daniel, after the Biblical legend who could walk into a flaming furnace or among lions without getting harmed. A mortal man has no business doing this on his own, but undergirded by faith in an omniscient lord (me), it could be possible.

And I'm redubbing this challenge Hardcore, like Diablo 2. The previous Ironcore challenges weren't quite that, since singular dead characters could and should be resurrected. But playing this with a solo character means it's truly Hardcore. Daniel has a single life to live. Death is death is final. Your deeds of valor will be remembered.

Finally, also unlike the other Ironcore challenges, power level grinding will be allowed. I expect to need specific skills at specific points, so it should be open to grind job abilities when necessary rather than losing the entire variant for failing to plan ahead. Gold will also be required at times. Daniel won't be insane about powerleveling, we're not going to level 70 before Byblos, but the door is certainly open.

Read Daniel's tale.