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Culture on the SG4 Map

In playing Adventure One and the first part of our succession game, I pretty predictably got a major itch to play Civ 5 for a cultural victory. Thing is, I didn't want to just roll up a solo game, tailored with civ and map choices to make it easy for me, and inevitably I'd reroll several times to get a good start. (I'll surely do that later, but not for a first game.) No, I wanted a more "play the hand you're dealt" type of scenario... and a fine difficult hand would be our starting position from the succession game.

start.jpg - 150kb

Japan, Fractal map, King difficulty, Normal speed.

We discussed at the beginning of this game the possibility of huddling up on our peninsula to a cultural victory. Then we decided that would be boring for a succession game. But it sounds just about like what I want to try. The final temptation is the copious amounts of incense around, which are each worth extra culture with a Monastery building.

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