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Gods & Kings ICS

One of my solo scenarios in vanilla Civ 5 was a trip through the game while building for maximum city count and density, commonly known as Infinite City Sprawl (or a few variations), or ICS. That concept was a natural to revisit in the Gods & Kings expansion. Religion seems extremely compatible with ICS, with all sorts of per-city goodies, and yet more cheap buildings that you want more copies of.

setup.jpg - 50kb

Inland Sea is my favorite map type, reliably producing lots of area to expand with lots of rivers and fertile terrain. For the civ, I didn't particularly want to use Egypt over again, but couldn't find any better choice. I do think it will play somewhat differently than the original game, though. The UB is now a faith building rather than culture, and the Piety policy tree changed dramatically. And I pumped up the difficulty to Immortal, my first go there.

4000bc.jpg - 65kb

Here is the starting save.