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Epic Seven: Mano-y-Mano

This is the story of my game of Epic Seven from Realms Beyond Civilization. The scenario was a beyond-tiny map (50x50; normal tiny is 60x60). Only two civilizations present: the player as Egypt, versus Greece. The variant restrictions are: never land units or acquire cities on the enemy starting continent, and you may never acquire a technology from the AI. Also, it is at a custom difficulty level halfway between Emperor and Deity: AI costs are at 70%, they get extra workers like Deity, but only one settler like Emperor.

Now, what would an Epic be without an offbeat strategy by me? :)

I decided to play for the 20k cultural win - but NOT IN THE CAPITAL. Here's why:

1. The capital starting position has no hills, so it won't be a very good production city, and it's also not on the coast.

2. We have to do all our own research, so tech tree progress will be very important. The usual capital culture builds sacrifice early growth rate. I won't do that - the capital can do the usual granary-then-pump-settlers deal. We're industrious, so we'll get the tiles by the goal city improved soon enough.

3. With lots of time between techs, it'll serve us well to always have the Palace available to prebuild the wonders. Plopping down Sistine, Bach's, and Shakespeare's as soon as each tech comes will help nicely.

4. The Palace doesn't generate a heck of a lot of culture - only about 750 over a typical game. I'll also have the option to build the Forbidden Palace in the goal city, which will make up that loss of culture.

As always, we have an Executive Summary, or the Full Report.

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