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Epic Ten: Horse Feathers

This is the story of my game of Epic Ten from Realms Beyond Civilization.
Difficulty: Emperor
Civilization: Iroquois
World Size: Small
Opponents: Five
Terrain: Archipelago 80% water
Climate: Flat
Barbarians: Raging
Rules: Standard
Victory: Any

According to Sirian: "Regarding Map Approval: I had two conditions for approving this map for this scenerio, which I playtested to ensure were met. Condition One: There are horses within reasonable range. Condition Two: They will be needed. Not 'useful': needed."

As always, I formed visions of an offbeat plan. We're supposed to be forced into war with the Mounted Riders? Bah, I say. I can outbuild Emperor AIs any day. But I'll go with the flow and see what develops.

As always, we have an Executive Summary, or the Full Report.

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