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Epic Nine: Rising Sun

This is the story of my game of Epic Nine from Realms Beyond Civilization.
Difficulty: Deity
Civilization: Japan
World Size: Standard
Opponents: Seven
Terrain: Continents 70% water
Climate: Random
Barbarians: Rampant
Rules: Standard
Variant Rules: None
Victory: Conquest only

After the Deity-level Epic Four, interest arose in having a Deity-difficulty game that would be Conquest Only. This would let players try their hand at a full-blown Deity game, without a spaceship or cultural ending to cut the game off just as the player hit their stride. Restricting it to conquest turned out to not be totally necessary; once patch 1.29f came out with its increased Deity tech costs, Deity could be fun even with all victory conditions enabled. But we'll go a-conquering as the Japanese.

Here's the Full Report.

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