FTL Faster Than Light: All Ships Series

I've played FTL: Faster Than Light a lot over the years. There are many discussions about the game's difficulty. Many players contend that the game is harsh and luck-based and frequently unwinnable, while experienced players counter with tales of winning long streaks and a substantial majority of games on Hard difficulty. Here is my contribution to this discussion.

This is the chronicles of me playing FTL with a freshly reset profile, until I record at least one win with each of the 28 ships, all on Hard difficulty. I want to see what kind of winning percentage rate I can achieve under those controlled conditions. A perfect record would be a profile showing 28 games started and 28 victories. I'd love to achieve the 28 wins on no more than 3 losses, which would be a win rate of over 90%. It is true that some games are truly unwinnable, when a ship with a beam weapon or drone hits some shieldless ship of yours before you can do anything about it. But I think sufficiently skillful play can win over 90% of all games on Hard.

The freshly reset profile poses an additional challenge: I will need to do the achievements for unlocking ships along the way. Many of these involve incurring substantial risk to the winning chances of your current run. This isn't completely ideal for the purposes of showing win-rate. I could unlock all the ships with a profile editor tool. But I feel I really want to keep this exercise as clean and uncontestable as possible, with no external tools or file manipulation at all. (I have no way to demonstrably verify that I didn't edit the profile or back it up to restore after a loss; you'll have to take me at my word.)

And due to the volume of gameplay this involved, the writeup for each ship will be short and unpolished, a stream-of-consciousness summary, mostly written by quickly tabbing out of the game during play. I'm including screenshots but not taking the time to trim and crop each one, so click to reveal each within the narrative. Finally, I work raw and unfiltered and uncensored, R-rated profanity abounds, you've been warned.

Also I'll use this space for a few quick strategic points:

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