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Epic Fourteen: Alexander the Great

This is the story of my game of Epic Fourteen from Realms Beyond Civilization. The scenario is ALWAYS WAR, in which you declare war on every other civilization the turn you meet them and never make peace. This game had many different scoring options, which you can see here.

I do have a plan for the game. First, I want to conquer my starting island as fast as possible. To do that, it's going to take swordsmen. Swords are much more durable than archers than one might expect based on their numbers; the difference is not in their defense (spears/hoplites can cover either just fine) but in the losses you take, especially attacking spearmen fortified in a city. Archers are cheap, horsemen are fun, but swords have the power.

The start shows several cattle tiles available. With those, I'll expand out to one ring of cities as fast as I can, building plenty of hoplites, naturally. After Pottery to start, I'll research Iron Working (since we conveniently start with Bronze), while building a bunch of warriors. I'll then minimum-research my way to the Great Library (we conveniently start with Alphabet), while using the (probably Golden-Age enhanced) cash to upgrade the warriors to swordsmen.

After flooding the continent with swordsmen, it'll be time for Phase 2 of my plan, which will be revealed in due time...

Full Report.

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