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Epic Eighteen: Potluck Duet

This is the story of my game of Epic Eighteen from Realms Beyond Civilization. You can see the scenario setup there.

I posted a note in the info thread for this game that I got the civilization I most wanted. That would be Greece, the civilization that must play for Spaceship and Diplomatic victories; the only civ in the Epic with two peaceful goals, perfect for my preferred builder style.

Nope! Actually, I wanted one of the religious civs, since it's been a long time since I got to play for a 20k cultural victory. Both the religious civs have a militaristic goal as well: conquest for the Aztecs and domination for the Iroquois. Either would have been fine, but I more wanted the Iroquois because of the power of the Mounted Warrior for the militaristic game, and also because I've only ever won by domination once, and that was in my first Monarch game.

So I was quite happy when the Iroquois start file landed in my inbox. I had decided not to play the Epic if I hadn't gotten a religious civ or Greece, but now I shall play.

Now, Game A is a Pangaea and B is an Archipelago. Gee, I wonder which one will be easier for domination and which for culture.

And I also know I should play Game B first. It's possible that I'd miss the cultural victory, if the wonder cascades or some early war broke badly against me. If so, I could turn this into a late domination victory, and have a second shot at culture (with 100k also being a possibility) in Game A.

Game B Report | Just the Conclusion/Score

Game A Report | Just the Conclusion/Score

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