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Epic 24: Speed Racer

This is the story of Epic 24 from Realms Beyond Civilization. Here's the scenario setup:

Difficulty: Emperor
Civilization: Carthage
World Size: Tiny
Opponents: France, India, Korea
Terrain: Continents, 80% water, edited
Climate: Standard, edited
Barbarians: Raging
Victory: All except Domination or Conquest
Version: PTW 1.14f

Scenario Concept: Speed builder challenge! This is another snack-size game, while we're waiting for a new PTW patch and for MOO3. Four of the best builder civs in the game go at it. Each of the four civs starts on its own island. Map Making will be required to make contact.

RULES OPTIONS: "Accelerated Production" is on!

RULES CHANGES: All boats have been modified to have no transportation capability. Everyone's own island is theirs to keep for good. After the barbarians are dispatched, build all you want, no military required!

Also, all combat boats have been disabled, as have paratroopers, cruise missiles, and nuclear weapons. Helicopters have no transport capability. Therefore, conducting war will be impossible.

Minimum research time is reduced to 3 turns.

The AIs receive free unit support of 6 per city (the usual value is 2 on Emperor and 4 on Deity), to make up for the fact that they are going to build useless military anyway. Resource depletion has been disabled.

VARIANT RULES: You may not acquire AI cities by any means (in a peace treaty is the only way you could.)

VICTORY: Space, diplomatic, cultural, and histogram are enabled. Be warned that cultural and histogram will be nearly impossible to complete with Accelerated Production. Scoring by fastest victory in each category. Histogram victories ranked by score difference between you and the nearest opponent. Losses of any type ranked by game score.

This is going to be a little different than my usual reports. My game for this Epic was a playtest, going all the way through, making sure to test this unusual setup all the way.

So first I'm going to take you on a little background tour on how I set up this game.

Let's Go

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