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Here we go!

The opening picture certainly was.. interesting terrain for an OCC. It isn't all that terrible, in fact. There's at least 12 land tiles for early development, and water tiles beyond 12 are good for later commerce production. Grassland (which the jungle would eventually be) can produce decent shields, and fish are just about as good as they can allow working of forest tiles on land. And there are the two hills there. I moved the worker west, revealing little except that there were likely no more hills nearby, and under the fog beyond the hills appeared to be just water. So I plunked glorious Tenochtitlan down right on the start point. Started building a second worker immediately.

Now, what to research. An OCC doesn't need a granary; what it needs are the Colossus and Great Library. So I started max research on Bronze Working.

3500bc.jpg 782x401

Ten End Turns later, cultural expansion showed that I did pick the best spot on this little reef to build my city. I started on a third worker which would still be needed to clear this jungle. With no need for any other immediate tech after Bronze Working, I started max research on Mysticism in an attempt at a fast run to Monarchy.

After building three workers and a barracks, I built my first jaguar, and just in time:

2190bc.jpg 878x459

Now, unfortunately, my report notes from here until the end of the Middle Ages got eaten by the big New York blackout. I'd apparently forgotten to save the text file the night before, and of course my UPS had run out by the time I got back home from work and my PC had shut off. I've got a lot of images, but the text commentary will be somewhat sparse and from memory two weeks after the fact.

Anyway, I started building the Colossus after a sum total of three workers (plus the starting one), the barracks, two jaguars to explore and two to stay home for police. With the shieldless grasslands under all the jungle, though, that just didn't work out. The Mongols got it before my city even went over 100 shields.

colossus.jpg 374x170

However, I had made contact with Egypt sometime in there, so I was able to buy Masonry, swap to the Pyramids, and keep the wonder build going.

1050bc.jpg 722x518

I also did a one-beaker run on Polytheism as usual which cashed in nicely:

1000bc-deals.jpg 431x385

Now I had to get Literature to swap to the Great Library before either my prebuild ran out or somebody else built the Pyramids. I researched Literature at max sustainable rate, but it wasn't going to be enough because of the 30%-40% luxuries I always had to run to keep Tenochtitlan happy. I had to resort to a slightly shady tactic:

tenoch-1.jpg 685x522

550bc.jpg 533x243Every other turn, I set Tenochtitlan to max trade income, research to 100%, luxuries to 0%, and let the city riot. Rioting does not cost you the commerce income for the turn, only the food and shield production. Then the next turn, I'd set luxuries back to 40% and put the city in a high-food low-trade configuration. That got me to Literature in 550 BC...

pyramids.jpg 375x169... which turned out to be JUST in the nick of time.

greatlibrary.jpg 502x224

OK. With Great Library in hand, now this OCC is actually possible, so I will indeed play this game out to a conclusion. smile.gif 15x15

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