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Epic 41: Balance of Power

This is my story of Epic 41 from Realms Beyond Civilization. The scenario setup is there. Briefly, the game goal is to keep the game score of all the civs even with each other, with bonus points for a diplomatic or cultural victory and for Honorable play.

So here's my plan for this game.

Step 1: Build the Pyramids. This wonder is the single biggest factor that makes one AI outexpand and outgrow others. I need to get it for myself.

Step 2: To keep my own score from getting too high (I can out-expand AIs easily on Emperor in most situations), build a limited but efficient number of cities. Probably exactly 10, to get the Forbidden Palace.

Step 3: Build the Pyramids city into a 20k cultural victory contender, in case I have to run numerous wars to trim leading civs so that a diplomatic victory becomes impossible. Diplomacy is the preferred ending, but a cultural victory is also decent and worth significantly more points than space.

The four leading civs count equivalently to each other in the scoring, as do the four trailing civs. Any game-score point added to any of the trailing civs has an equal positive effect on my scenario score, and the converse is true for the leading civs. Therefore, I always want to help all four trailing civs, and try to restrain all four leading civs.

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